A new workshop, “Navigating Health Care Directives,” is now available for presentation at your church. For more information on how to schedule a workshop, please contact us by email at, or by phone at (407) 880-8700.


1. “Navigating Health Care Directives”

This two-hour workshop will cover the various documents you may need, their purpose, and importance from the perspective of a Christian Scientist. A brief outline is shown below. [Click here] for a more detailed outline.  

  • Understanding the need – “Unself” the purpose
  • Understanding the law
  • Preparing for the conversation (where you are asking for help)
  • Preparing for the conversation (where you see the need for help)
  • You know what needs to be done. What next?
  • Follow-up, Maintenance, and Revocations

2. “The Art of Visiting”

We will discuss several different scenarios whereby you might be conducting a visit and the approaches you might use (e.g. home visit, institutional visit, spontaneous visit, etc.).

  • The Offer to Visit
  • Pre-visit preparation
  • Conducting the visit
  • Post-visit Considerations

3. “Christian Science Nursing and Caregiving”

  • The metaphysical foundation for caring for others
  • What Christian Science nurses do
  • What Christian Science nurses do not do
  • Practical ways to assist others who need care


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