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Wellsprings Annual Meeting 2017

This year’s annual meeting was held at the City Council Chambers in Maitland, Florida, on April 22. Caroleen Scholet gave a very insightful keynote address, “Act in the Living Present.” The Board report and Treasurer’s report were presented. A presentation on “Advance Directives” was provided, as well as, a breakout session for participants to share their thoughts and suggestions on Christian Science nursing in Florida.

Board Report
Treasurer’s Report (please contact us for a copy)
Decisions About Your Healthcare

Caroleen Scholet


New Topic Added to this Year’s Workshop Series 2016-2017

Another round of workshops is being schedule for Christian Science churches in Florida – “The Art of Visiting.”  For more information, please go to our “Workshops” page.

Wellsprings Annual Meeting 2016

This year’s Wellsprings annual meeting was held April 30, 2016 at the Maitland City Council Chambers. Our guest speaker gave us a very inspiring keynote address, “The Healing Work of Christ: Humanity’s Coincidence with the Divine.” We also shared highlights of our activities over the past year.

Workshops – “Christian Science Nursing and Caregiving”

This year’s Wellsprings annual meeting (2015) was a great send-off for our upcoming series of workshops to be held in various Christian Science church communities around Florida.  The theme “The Christly Element of Nurturing (Nursing) One Another” set the tone for what should be an insightful way of advancing our own individual practice of Christian healing. (Read more or go to our “Workshops” page.)

See the event calendar for the next scheduled workshop [click here] and for copies of flyers and desk announcements.

Letter to Friends, November 2015

“Making Christian Science nursing available to every child, man, and woman seeking healing” is a very important goal of ours.  The availability of Christian Science nurses in Florida has become lean.  In response to this, we have expanded our focus this year to include these two new areas … (Read more.)

“The Christly Element of Nurturing (Nursing) One Another” (Annual Meeting) – May 16, 2015

“The Christly Element of Nurturing (Nursing) One Another” was the theme of the Wellsprings of Florida annual meeting and workshop held on Saturday, May 16th, from 1 to 3:30 PM, in Maitland. This meeting launched our new training program for church communities in Florida. To view the Board Report or Treasurer’s Report please click on one of the links below. A video of the keynote address is also available below.

  • Board Report
  • Treasurer’s Report (please contact us for a copy)


Message from Wellsprings of Florida – March 2015

Last October when Linda Kohler, President of The Mother Church (TMC), and Caroleen Scholet, Director of Christian Science Nursing Activities, came to talk to our area Christian Scientists about TMC’s focus on nursing, they requested that we all become more aware of our fellow members’ needs, broaden the definition of Care Committees, and better support the activity of nursing. Several follow up community meetings have taken place across the state to explore how this can be done. Here are a few ideas that have come forth. (Read more.)

Conversation on Christian Science Nursing – October 19th, 2:30, in Orlando

At The Mother Church Annual Meeting this year we were all invited to pray more deeply about the spiritual foundation of Christ-­healing. To follow through on this invitation, the President of The Mother Church, Linda Kohler, and Manager of Christian Science Nursing Activities at The Mother Church will be visiting Orlando on Sunday, October 19th, from 2:30 to 4:30 PM. (Read more.)

[Click here] for event flyer.

[Click here] for information from The Mother Church.

Message from Wellsprings of Florida – August 2014

Have you had the opportunity to hear or read this year’s Annual Meeting of the members of The Mother Church? The Board of Directors addressed the active, ever-presence of the Christ* and particularly focused on two Manual-based activities, Christian Science nursing and The Christian Science Monitor. (Read more.)

2014 Board Report

It has been a year of listening, trusting, exploring new directions, and letting God lead. Several longstanding Board members felt the need to step off the board this year, and new ones came right on to fill their place with fresh new ideas and diversity of skills. (Read more.)

Letter to Friends, December 12, 2013

Thank you for your support of the continuing unfoldment of the mission of Wellsprings! To paraphrase the words of a popular hymn, “Your [our] mission is to heal” (Hymn 5). Although we are not currently managing a facility as in the past, dedication to facilitating and supporting the Church Manual provision for the “Christian Science Nurse” (Article VIII, Section 31) is at the heart of our mission. Therefore, we are grateful to update you on the activities of Wellsprings’ following steps of progress. (Read more.)

Letter to Friends, August 24, 2013

As we sincerely seek to gain a higher understanding of Truth and listen for God’s direction, Mrs. Eddy assures us that “Each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of divine goodness and love.” (Read more.)

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