group-peopleOne could think of becoming a Christian Science nurse as a journey of many individual steps.  Aspects of Christian Science nursing can be practiced all along the way.  Here are some thoughts about what those steps may be.

A Caring Thought

Perhaps the first step is an unselfish desire to love and serve God and our fellow man.  Visiting the sick was one of the Christian acts mentioned by Jesus.  The parable of “the good Samaritan” was an example he gave as to what it meant to love our neighbor.  This caring thought embraced in our hearts provides the incentive that will guide us through this journey.

An Individual Metaphysical Practice

The first qualification that is addressed in The Church Manual for the Christian Science nurse is “a demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice.” This is a commitment to witness and maintain a sense of God’s ever-present and omnipotent protecting power and love.  It is a metaphysical practice (prayer) that is founded on the Science taught by Jesus and explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.  This practice focuses on one’s own thought, since a Christian Science practitioner is already addressing the thought of the patient.

Early Opportunities for Serving

Almost any day brings with it an opportunity to witness God’s merciful loving-kindness and care in any situation that calls for aid.  The needs of both our own family members and our church family members can provide ample opportunities for the metaphysical practice of Christian Science nursing. Many churches have Care Committees, a collection of volunteers that visit fellow members with various needs.  In all of these situations it is essential to bring the thought that is prepared to witness the ever-present care of divine Love.

Home Aide

There are sometimes opportunities to assist Journal-listed nurses.  Sometimes a case may have periods of time where the level of care needed can be provided by a nurse’s assistant or a home aide.  These assistants may be working toward developing there own Christian Science nursing ministry, or they may simply have a desire to help their fellow Christian Scientists but are not planning to become a full-time Christian Science nurse.  This level of effort may often involve a fee for services depending on the duration of need.

Christian Science Nurse’s Training

For those who see the ministry of Christian Science nursing a calling for them, there are schools that provide training on how to handle all the various levels of care that may be required in a given case.

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Where can I learn more?

Christian Science Journal Listing

When you feel you have the necessary skills to care for patients with a wide range of Christian Science nursing needs (including bed care, cleansing and bandaging, and special nourishment), have references from experienced Christian Science nurses who can attest to your Christian Science nursing work, and have a readiness and availability to respond to calls day or night in a variety of settings, then you may apply to the Christian Science Publishing Society for listing in the Christian Science Journal.

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