home-1Finding a Christian Science nurse that will meet the needs of your specific case is in itself a demonstration of God’s guidance and care.  Prayerful consideration should be given to the selection process.  When you are ready to find a Christian Science nurse, there are several ways available to you.

Use the Christian Science Journal Directory

Click here to see a list of Christian Science Journal-listed nurses who may be available to serve your needs and their locations.  The Christian Science Journal Directory provides this list. The list is a result of a search query for “nurses in Florida.”

Contact our On-Call Christian Science Nurse (407) 880-8700

If you would like to talk to someone about how to contact a Christian Science nurse, who is available, what services can be provided, and what fees to expect, please call us at (407) 880-8700 or email us at  We will continue to maintain and update information on Christian Science nurse availability in church communities throughout Florida.

It is Wellsprings policy not to discuss or in any way be involved in any given nursing case.  If any patient information is inadvertently disclosed during the process of a request, it will be kept confidential.

Here are some helpful questions you can use to verify the credentials of a Christian Science nurse:

  • Are they listed in the Christian Science Journal
  • How many years have they served
  • What experience do they have with the needs of your particular case
  • Can they provide references from one or two Christian Science Journal-listed nurses that they have worked with that can verify their work.