“The human affections need to be changed from self to benevolence and love for God and man, changed to having but one God and loving Him supremely, and helping our brother man.” 

Miscellaneous Writings
Mary Baker Eddy


home-2It is the right of each Christian Scientist to demonstrate the healing power of Truth and Love. Sometimes practical wisdom also requires the services of a Christian Science nurse. Our desire is that those wishing to avail themselves of Christian Science healing and who require proper nursing care should not be deprived of those services for financial reasons alone. It is also a privilege for the Christian Science community to come together to support their “brother-man” in their access to Christian Science nursing care.

Wellsprings Benevolence Fund

Wellsprings maintains a Benevolence Fund to provide financial assistance to Christian Scientists receiving Christian Science treatment by a Journal listed Christian Science practitioner and desiring care from a Christian Science Nurse.

Objectives of the Fund

  • To promote immediacy in healing by financially supporting access to a spiritual environment conducive to healing
  • To support Article VIII, Section 31 of The Manual of the Mother Church by Mary Baker Eddy “Christian Science Nurse”
  • To care for our own – Christian Scientists helping Christian Scientists
  • To assist in demonstrating for all mankind the efficacy of Christian Science healing

Who qualifies for assistance?

Christian Scientists living in Florida who desire Christian Science nursing care and who have established financial need through an application process may qualify.

Applicants must be getting care from a qualified Christian Science nurse at home or in a facility, and must be working with a Journal listed Christian Science practitioner. The fund benefits individuals by distributing payment directly to the care provider.

How is Eligibility Determined?

An application establishing genuine need and commitment to spiritual healing is submitted to the Wellsprings Board. The application must be signed by the facility representative or the nurse who is providing the home care. Every applicant and their nursing case are handled with the utmost confidentiality.

The Wellsprings Board makes the determination based on individual need and available resources. Primary responsibility for meeting the nursing costs rests with the patient/family/custodian who is encouraged to explore every possible avenue of support from their branch church, Christian Science student association, insurance, deferred payment options, and assignment of assets.

We help defray nursing costs only, not associated bills such as food, lodging, assisted living, or rest and study.

How does Wellsprings differ from other funds?

Medicare does not provide assistance for home nursing. There are also restrictions on the use of Medicare in nursing facilities. Short stays and long stays may not qualify for Medicare.

The Principal Foundation distributes all of its funds to individuals nationwide. Grants may be for education, employment, repairs, rent as well as nursing care.

The Dominion Foundation distributes its funds to individuals nationwide specifically to support Christian Science in-home nursing only.

The National Fund for Christian Science Nursing (NFCSN) is a benevolence fund that can assist Christian Science nursing patients in the United States who cannot pay the full cost of their care.

Wellsprings offers help for Christian Science nursing for Christian Scientists in the Florida area. It specifically includes in-home nursing, which is less costly than using a facility.  It also supports nursing at a facility.

How can I get more information and an application form?

On the Web:

Call: (407) 880-8700

Write: PO Box 40687, St. Petersburg, FL 33743-0687

Application for Financial Assistance [click on this link for form]
To submit an application, click on the link above, download the form and print it out. Next, fill out the form and fax (call for fax number) or mail it to Wellsprings of Florida.

Wellsprings of Florida
PO Box 40687
St. Petersburg,FL 33743-0687